Donate Your Old Shoes
We encourage our members to donate their old, but good, shoes. We work hand in hand with a local non-profit that dedicate their organization in providing shoes to people around the world. Many of our members already send us their fairly good shoes that will end up in the feet of a gentleman who is in need of shoes. Most of our members use the same box they received their fresh new pair to donate the old ones. Have a piece of mind that your old shoes are going to a deserving person. For more information on sending over your shoes visit: http://donateyouroldshoes.org/
To learn how to donate your shoes simply click on the shoe below:

Use our FeetSizr 3D measuring/scaning tool to get a tailored size recommendation for the specific style being purchased.
Our algorithm will generate a 3D mesh of your feet with accurate measurements based on the pictures you take.
After the scan process is finished, the 3D mesh of your feet will be recorded and linked to your FeetSizr ID.
You only need a phone and a sheet of paper. The scan is a one-time procedure that takes less than 5 minutes.
We are always here to help; if you are not entirely sure about your shoe size, our Member Care Team can help you pick the best fitting size. Please fill our contact form or send us an email to info@mensshoe.club our staff will be happy to assist.

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