When will I get my first pair of shoes?  


Please check our calendar for approximate shipping dates.  


What if I do not like the shoes I received? 


We have excellent stylists who jointly decide on the styles released each month. So do have a peace of mind that you are well taken care of. Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting any exchanges of styles.  


My shoes don’t fit! Help? 


If your shoes do not fit, we do have the option of exchanging your shoes to a size that will fit you perfectly. After this your shoe size will be locked in for the remainder of the subscription.  


 Can I choose what shoes I get? 


To be able to create expensive shoes and sell them at wholesale price, we cannot accommodate style selection at the moment. However, do know that our expert stylists select classic styles that will go well with everything.



For any additional questions feel free to email us to: info@themensshoeclub.com


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