How it Works



Don't let the price fools you, we are truly disrupting the direct to consumer industry. These days every company claims to have a direct to consumer model, however, most of them buy their products from a third party manufacturer and resell them to you with a markup, this may not be as high as big-box retailers but they don't give you the lowest possible price.

Our shoemaking heritage goes back to 1925, we are a family owned business and all of our shoes are designed and made by hand at our own factory in central México.

After exploring the wholesale side of the shoe industry for many years, we found that the exaggerated markups from our clients (big box retailers) were out of control. This is why we switched to a consumer drop shipping business model, we truly believe that our members deserve the same wholesale price as the big retailers. 




We want to bring you the absolute best value while ensuring timeless design, craftsmanship, and quality. After lots of hard work, we've learned that the best way to ensure that we can meet these goals is by crafting our products to order.

Having inventory adds an extra layer of costs that raises the price you pay in various ways. Inventory occupies warehouse space which is added to the final cost structure. Excessive packaging is economically inefficient and environmentally harmful as it increases unnecessary waste, energy, and fuel consumption. This is why all of our shoes are packaged and delivered on a minimalist recycle box.

Our main goal is to help you build your shoe collection from the ground up, during the length of your subscription we are going to craft from the basics styles like Oxfords and Derby's to staple pieces including Loafers, Boots and Chukkas in a variety of colors from black and brown to more colorful yet wearable patinas just for you.

All of our shoes are made and painted by hand by skilled artisans and constructed with the finest grade A Italian and Mexican leather from the upper to the sole and everything in between. Our shoes are constructed with a Blake welt stitch method, this method helps us bond the upper to the sole and gives our shoes an elegant low profile silhouette without sacrificing flexibility or comfort.



Step 1. Subscribe: 
The first step is to subscribe to become a member for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.
Each month you will receive a fresh new pair of premium leather shoes.
The style of the shoe would be selected by our expert shoe stylists.
Step 2. Made to Order: 
Once you become a member we then begin making your shoes.
All shoes begin to be made every 1st of the month and shipped within 45 days.   
Step 3. Enjoy: 
Once you are a member you will receive your shoes every month* for the duration of your subscription.
Your membership will end once the last month is fulfilled and you would be more than welcomed to rejoin the club. 
* First-time members could wait approximately 60 days for the first pair of shoes to arrive depending on enrollment date. Then every month thereafter the pair of shoes will arrive on a monthly basis.

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