How it Works

Step 1. Subscribe: 
The first step is to subscribe to become a member for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.
Each month you will receive a fresh new pair of premium leather shoes.
The style of the shoe would be selected by our expert shoe stylists.
Step 2. Made to Order: 
Once you become a member we then begin making your shoes.
All shoes begin to be made every 1st of the month and shipped within 30 days.   
Step 3. Enjoy: 
Once you are a member you will receive your shoes every month* for the duration of your subscription.
Your membership will end once the last month is fulfilled and you would be more than welcomed to rejoin the club. 
*First time members will have to wait approximately 1.5 months for the first pair of shoes to arrive depending on enrollment date. Then every month thereafter the pair of shoes will arrive on a monthly basis.